Membership is open to any organization associated with solid-state RF energy technologies. Examples include:

Application design, development and system integration firms

Original equipment manufacturers

Passive and active radio frequency components suppliers

Test equipment manufacturers

Academic institutions interested in learning about and influencing the future of solid-state RF energy systems

Benefits by Membership Level

  • Global “members only” meeting and educational event invitations
  • Final specification access
  • Publications and other work product access prior to public release
  • Company logo and URL posting on RFEA’s website
  • Use of RFEA’s logo indicating solid-state RF energy leadership
  • One committee/work group chair or vice-chair nomination (seat determined by election)
  • One committee and work group voting seat
  • Thought leadership and participation in committees and work groups
  • Ability to propose and champion work products
  • Ability to access and contribute to draft specifications and work products
  • All-hands and select-member meeting invitations
  • Unrestricted access to online “members only” collaboration space
  • + Associate benefits
  • One Board of Directors seat
  • Strategy and policy approval
  • + Contributor and Associate benefits

To be considered for a Promoter membership, please apply for a Contributor membership and send a subsequent email to admin(at)rfenergy(dot)org noting your interest.